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"The Drs said I would never function normally.  I still had pain years after my spine surgeries.  The first time I saw Cheryl, I was able to remove my orthotics and I didn't hurt!  What she does is AMAZING!".....S.E., distribution center supervisor


"I love Cheryl!  She rocks!"....A.C., hair stylist


"Cheryl worked with my dad while he was dying from cancer.  Every time he had an appointment with her he felt better and was able to handle all the 'medicine' much better.  He would even get his appetite back.  My family will always be grateful for her compassion."....N.M., child care center director


"I've never been able to relax during a massage.  She was able to put me to sleep!"....M.A., office manager.


"I first started seeing Cheryl because I had a nagging pain in my leg that kept me from sleeping.  Cheryl really listened to me and tracked down the cause.  She helped me work through the pain and in a few sessions I was walking without pain and SLEEPING!  I admire her integrity and I trust her skill!"...J.H., attorney and public speaker.


"The doctor had operated on my neck thirteen times in two years.  I was in constant pain and he wanted to put in something called a 'pain pump' and told me I would never lift more than five pounds, never swim, and never play with my grandchildren.  I ran into a friend on the street who gave me Cheryl's number and said I should go see her.  I finally went because my headache had been going on for over six months and I couldn't stand it any more!  Within ten minutes my headache was gone!  She knew just what to do!  My doctor is dumbfounded.  She is so special!!  I felt as if I could see Jesus, Himself standing next to the bed while she worked on me.  Now I play golf, take care of my grandchildren, swim, and can keep up with my husband!  Just give the woman a call!"....G.M., housewife and grandmother.


"I met Cheryl through my regular massage therapist.  She was willing to see me when he was not able to make our appointment.  I am uncomfortable undressing and she worked with me fully dressed.  She also noticed that I had difficulty walking.  She referred me to a chiropractor and now I am walking without any trouble!"....C.K., art instructor


Susan FleischerI am an artist and Cheryl is helping me reconnect to my creative energy, as well as helping my body to recover from an old cranio-sacral injury. She is amazing. For all the walkers, runners, and cyclists, try her out for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. You will be glad you did.


Sarah FillegarI suffered from a concussion that left me feeling dizzy for 2 months. After only 3 sessions with Cheryl the dizziness disappeared. Cheryl truly understands the body and uses the combination of her nursing experience and massage expertise to fuse different modalities of treatment that create unbelievable results. I am truly grateful!!!

February 09, 2013